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Psychiatry aims to help with psychological and emotional disorders that result both from medical conditions and the plain old exigencies of life. My work in this specialty began more than 32 years ago. One thing I've learned over the years is the value of  an approach that extends beyond medical diagnoses and medication management, even so far as to include the existential issues of who we are in this world and how we wish to live our lives.

Some of the conditions that present in a psychiatrist's office - including ADD, schizophrenia, true Bipolar Illness, and OCD - are manifestations of brain chemistry abnormalities and medication plays the primary role in management. However, a majority of the common cases of depression and anxiety I see represent a breakdown of unconscious solutions to contemporary and earlier challenges. Understanding these dynamics and devising new, more successful strategies can be relatively straightforward and result in relief from mood and anxiety symptoms. In all animals, all subjective experience is organized in the physical plain and that is how and why medication can relieve experiential symptoms. Ideally, though, I hope to see people being able to say "Goodbye" to meds through personal growth and development.

I treat adults and some adolescents on an outpatient basis in the Santa Cruz area. I provide the psychotherapeutic services myself in most cases. Another choice I encourage in my office is a mindfulness-based meditation method that scientific research has confirmed.

My efforts to keep abreast of developments in my field and the extent of my clinical experience have enabled me to precisely and efficiently address patients' needs in most cases. For me (and for most of my patients, too!) it is a priority to get the work done expeditiously and to relatively quickly see a person out the door to a better life than the one that brought them into the office.

On this site you can learn about office practices, obtain information about psychiatric conditions and find forms to get started.

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The Risk of Depression

If your internal dialog sometimes sounds like: "What's the point? There's nothing that can help me. Besides, I don't deserve help." 

Bipolar Illness

Bipolar Illness used to go under the name Manic Depression and refers to conditions characterized by mood instability.

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

The central element of this cognitive style is distractibility, with difficulty in maintaining focus/concentration.


People with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder find themselves unable to shut off certain thoughts (obsessions) or to resist certain actions (compulsions).

Understanding EMDR

EMDR is an exercise developed in the 1980's that is now widely utilized in psychotherapy.

Mental Illness

Usually, in an outpatient psychiatric practice mostly we are not dealing with what I would term Mental Illness.



I'm thankful to express my gratitude to Dr Robert Levin for his help. I'm a 45 year old man, I come from a pretty rough background and had...
Jak S. Santa Cruz Ca

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